• Rings & Things – Engaged, Couples & Married

    Rings & Things seminar is for those who are engaged, getting married or planning to get married. Planning your wedding is one day. Planning your marriage is the rest of your life.

    Rings on Bible
  • Love Fest! – Time is running out to Sign Up!

    * Don’t say, “I DO” until you take the workshop.
    * An Unforgettable Relationship Building Experience with Everyday Practices that Last.
    * Navigate Your Relationships from Uniguely good to Amazingly great!
    * Keeping it Real in Your Love Relationships!

    Love Fest
  • Preparing for Relationships…..

    Take the Class before you Take the Vow!!

    Strong, long-lasting life skills don’t just happen!
    Make to Most of YOURS!

    Relationship Classes

About Us

Majesty Makers is a Christian company based on the belief that the foundation of a relationship begins with a relationship with God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. God began the relationships with Adam and even realized Adam need more than a relationship with God, so God created Adam a helper, Eve. From the moment Eve was created, the enemy, satan has attacked relationships. Since God was the establisher of relationships, satan tries to destroy what God has created. Through King Jesus, we are called into His Kingdom. In being called into His Kingdom, we are also called to be kings and queens in our own kingdoms under His authority. Majesty Makers builds the kings and queens within YOU with Education, Empowerment and More!


Our mission is to assist, educate, empower and equip individuals, couples and families to establish, grow and enhance the foundation of relationships to be healthy and rich within and with others. Using Life Skills, Self Esteem, Communication, Conflict Resolution and Conflict training, and Life Coaching.


Majesty Makers began more out of a need to help me see what I needed to repair and see as truth, rather than to help others. After three failed marriages and relationships which were distorted I began to seek God like never before asking for Him to help me. In doing so, God allowed and exposed me to many different training and truths I didn't know. As I began receiving healing and truth God's way and not man's way, the Lord told me that I needed to help others and not just keep this information to myself. I thought God was funny. You want me to teach other people about relationships? Have you seen my past? Well, Yes, God has seen it All. Who better to help others than someone who has gone through the same issues, problems, trials, concerns and then some. Majesty Makers began in 2007. With now over ten certifications in relationship training, Life Coaching, Mentoring and a Licensed Minister, a published author and more, Majesty Makers continues to grow.

Sow the Most into Marriage

Marriage,  Marriage is NOT just a piece of paper.  Marriage is so...

27th Feb
Sow the Most into Marriage
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