Struggling Marrages – “Speed Bumps”

Trouble in paradise is the last thing you expected when you think back to the moment when you “fell in love”.

Then life hits you in the face and challenges appear or even blind side you.  You think that it will all blow over and all of a sudden you are either fighting with the person you love, yet are not “in love” with any longer.  You shut down or ignore the “speed  bunp”  along the way. Hoping deep down inside that you wish this would just pass or you could be understood.  But it doesn’t……

How many times, challenges, arguments or fights do you wish never happened?  1,2,3 or more….

Arguing Couple Original Closeup

There is a way through it all.

Do you want to learn how?  Would you like the skills to overcome, work through it, make it better?

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