“I didn’t look forward to having to take this class, but turns out to not be that bad. I even learned a few things.

I learned a lot about relationships and how to talk with my kids and girlfriend. The S.M.A.R.T. Card is amazing and I will be sharing this with friends and family.   I want to thank you for what I learned”


– Jean E.. 09/13/12


[quote]”At first I was very closed minded. This program was one of the best things I have ever done.” [/quote]

– Joshua G.. 08/23/12


[quote]”If you want to learn from this workshop, you will absolutely! I really enjoyed this workshop and learned about relationships effect employment”[/quote]

– Jessica H. 08/9/12


[quote]”I learned more than I thought I would. “[/quote]

– Angel J. 08/9/12


[quote]”It will only work if you believe it works.”[/quote]

– 08/9/12


[quote]”Let go of the past! It’s not healing to hold on to things you can not change!”[/quote]

– Meredith B.. 07/12/12


[quote]”Very informative and helped me understand a lot of issues I’m going through at the moment.”[/quote]

– Michael T.. 07/12/12

[quote]”If you want to seriously improve your relationship with your significant other and or children – you need this seminar.”[/quote]

– Blaine B..07/12/12


[quote]”Always be open minded and accepting of material.”[/quote]

– Bryan S. 07/12/12


[quote]”I did not think I would learn much from this class. I thought it would be just a waste of time, not really a waste. I did learn something and I am thankful for what I was taught.”[/quote]

– B.. 07/12/12


[quote]”Think about what you are thinking about.”[/quote]

– Amanda T. 07/12/12


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